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Nutrena is proud to have our Loyall Pet Food be the dog food of choice for the dogs of leading trainers, owners, and organizations! 


Loyall Associations: UFTAThe United Field Trialer's Association provides a competitive venue for dog handlers who appreciate having a fair and consistent system for measuring their dogs performance.  We welcome new members looking for a better way to compete with their pointing or flushing dog with the ultimate goal of improving our sport.


Nutrena About Us Associated Partnerships Am Quar Horse AssnSince 2000, Nutrena® has been the Official Equine Feed & Pet Food of the AQHA. Nutrena has served the nutritional needs of all types of animals for over 80 years. We know that the right nutrition makes all the difference in keeping your animals healthy and happy. That’s why our feeds are formulated with the optimum levels of nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates your animals need to stay in top condition. Whether you keep animals around for fun, competition or work, you can trust Nutrena to provide the right nutrition them.

Gun Dog & Hound Dog Central

Loyall Associations: Gun Dog and Hound Dog CentralGun Dog Central is a site dedicated to the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl enthusiast.  Hound Dog Central is dedicated to Hound Dogs and the people that hunt them. 

Offering 100% free classifieds with 100's of new dogs listed each week, these sites are a centralized location to help you find your next hunting companion.

Diane Vater & Chuck Cooper

Loyall Handler: Diane Vater and Chuck CooperDiane Vater and Chuck Cooper train all breeds of pointing dogs for field trial competitions. They have finished eight National Field Champions and four National Amatuer Championships. Their home base and boarding kennel is in Pennsylvania, with a summer camp in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and a winter facility in southern New Mexico. Throughout the field trial season, Diane and Chuck travel from coast to coast, competing in local, regional and national events. To learn more, visit their website at

"Loyall Pet Food gives our dogs the stamina and endurance needed to compete at the national level. The proof is in the results. In the three years that we've been feeding Loyall, our dogs have won 6 National Championships! They are easy to condition and have great coats. Thanks Loyall!”
-Diane & Chuck

Majorline Gundogs

Loyall Handler: Majorline GundogsLaylon Cox grew up in rural Blount County, Alabama and developed an appreciation for hunting dogs at an early age through rabbit hunting. In his teens, he was introduced to quail hunting by a family friend and instantly developed a passion for bird dogs and upland bird hunting.  In 2001 he purchased a Brittany pup he named Major. His appreciation for the sport along with his “get involved” attitude quickly led him to a position on the Board of Directors for UFTA. In 2009, he started Majorline Gundogs named after his favorite hunting / trialing companion for the past 9 years.

"I am proud to be affiliated with the Loyall brand and more importantly, extremely satisfied with the nutritional benefits it provides to my canine companions."
-Laylon Cox

Brier Creek's Southern Kennels

Loyall Handler: Brier Creek's Southern KennelsHunting and dogs have always been a part of Marty Griner's life. In 1999, he started working at a kennel that trained labs for hunting and participated in hunt test.  Then in 2003, he established his own kennel, Brier Creek's Southern Kennels. At Brier Creek's Southern Kennels, they offer gun dog, flushing dog, hunt test training, obedience, boarding and stud service. At the kennel, they raise and train an average of 20 retrievers as well as Boykin spaniels. These dogs are trained for hunting and HRC and AKC hunt test. Their goal is to make your family pet a performing athlete.  Whether you are looking for a dog to run blinds from the duck blind or compete at the finished\ master level, they are the place for you.

"In 2009, I started feeding Loyall at Brier Creek.  The results from feeding Loyall have been outstanding.  My dogs look better, have better recovery times, and have excellent muscle tone."
-Marty Griner

Mossy Pond Outfitters

Loyall Handler: Mossy Pond OutfittersBrad Arington has turned a life-time love of hunting and dogs into two successful businesses. He is the owner of Mossy Pond Retrievers and Mossy Pond Outfitters. He began his career as a professional dog trainer and handler soon after high school. While Brad had always been an avid hunter and outdoorsman, he got his first lab, “Bo” and trained him that year. A family friend didn’t have time to train his own dog, so he gave him to Brad to train. That’s what got him started in the business. After that first experience, local hunters began to bring their dogs to Brad for training. He started small, training dogs in his spare time. Mossy Pond Outfitters, LLC goes hand and hand with Mossy Pond Retrievers the outfitting business conducts both quail, pheasant, and duck hunting trips.

Crown Creek Kennel

Loyall Handler: Crown Creek KennelCrown Creek Kennels is owned and operated by Joel Porter in rural, Gaston County.  The Kennels is located on 52 acres designed to develop and enhance retrievers, and their skills along the way to becoming a finished level retriever.  Joel has been working with dog of all fashion for over 16 years, and a professional for 7 years.  He has trained everything from the average house dog on obedience command all the way up to the finished level retriever.  With over a 200 hunt test passes to his credit and several placements in retriever events, notable the Super Retriever Series.  Joel has honed his skill as a retriever and obedience training, and has produced many well socialized companions.

"Having been involved with many competitive and active working dogs for several years, I have come to realize that nutrition is of the utmost importance.  With the dedication and research that Nutrena has put into Loyall, you can not go wrong with the quality of food that they are producing"
-Joel Porter

GunRunner Gundogs

Loyall Handler: GunRunner GundogsGunRunner Gundogs is owned and operated by Mitchell and Kenny Armstrong. Located in the Heart of Dixie, this Alabama father & son team specializes in the American Brittany. With an outstanding kennel of champions to choose from, Team GunRunner has steadily climbed their way to the top of the UFTA circuit. With dog’s that have both state and National titles on their resumes it is easy to see why some people feel they have some of the finest Brittany’s found anywhere!

"At GunRunner Gundogs, we specialize in upland bird dogs and we compete regularly in the highly competitive sport of upland tournament hunting. Thanks to Loyall Active Adult dog food we continue to keep our kennel at the top of the UFTA circuit. Do yourself a favor and contact a Loyall representative today and let their professional staff match your dog with the right food. Thank You Loyall, for giving my dogs and edge over the rest of the competition"
-Kenny Armstrong

O'Neill Williams

Loyall Handler: O'Neill WilliamsEver since he can remember, O'Neill Williams has been doing something in the outdoors. Whether it's fishing, hunting or anything related to the outdoors, you'll find him there. O'Neill shares his outdoor experiences with viewers of cable channels including Versus, fox Sports Net south and Sun Sports, as well as a popular radio call-in show in Atlanta. As he says, "If you're too busy to go fishing or hunting, you're just too busy!"


Keith Warren

Loyall Handler: Keith WarrenWith nearly 25 years of experience in outdoor television. Keith Warren has become one of America's most popular outdoorsmen. Keith's shows can be seen on The Outdoor Channel and The Sportsman Channel. He also contributes his time to several valuable causes, including "Sportsman Saying Thanks," which has raised more than $100,000 to support U.S. Armed Forces, and Sky Ranch Parent-child Fishing Adventure Weekends.


Shotshell Labs

Loyall Handler: Shotshell LabsMy passion for hunting/fishing and the outdoors has deep roots. Growing up, there were Brittany Spaniels and German Shorthairs in our home for as long as I can remember. Then, in what started as a rescue program, I started loving labs. Labradors have now been a part of my life for many years. Sandra and I have developed our passion for these truly  incredible dogs in to a great business. Shotshell-labs blends so well with our passion for the outdoors, and it is certainly a blessing to have such wonderful animals. At Shotshell-labs, we bring the long standing tradition of Labradors being  the "gentlemans dog" back to the breed.

Daniels Creek Kennels

Loyall Handler: Daniels Creek KennelsMy name is Buck Daniels, owner and trainer at Daniels Creek Kennels.  We have been feeding Loyall Pet Food products for almost three years.  After week two from switching from another leading brand, to the Loyall Professional 31/20, I knew this was the competitive edge I was looking for.

Over the last two years we have compiled 13 Championships and 2 National Championships on 8 different dogs, as well as numerous other placements which can be credited to a good training program and excellent nutrition.  Thank You Loyall for giving us the fuel to win!

Western Wing Kennels

Loyall Handler: Western Wing KennelsJerimiah has a long-standing love for training dogs and guiding upland bird hunts. Growing up in Nevada, he has been exposed to some of the best upland bird hunting around. He has been training bird dogs for 13 years and guiding upland bird hunts for 10 years.

Jerimiah decided to take his training to the next level, and earned his Gold Level training certificate from Ronnie Smith Kennels, whose family has been training dogs since 1956. He is now part of a select few trainers and a member of “TEAM HUNTSMITH”. 

Jerimiah welcome's you to Western Wing Kennels and looks forward to helping you and your gun dog!

Ruffcorn Kennel

Loyall Handler: Ruffcorn KennelsDan Ruffcorn grew up traveling the country in a military family until his early teens. After high school, Dan completed the course at Midwest Horseshoeing School. He and his family now live in Milton, Indiana. Since settling in Illinois as a teen, Dan has owned and trained many bird dogs. Being just a hunter early on, Dan is now competing with his dogs in tournament hunting trials. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the UFTA and has also started competing in Dock Jumping Competitions. 

"I have fed many other brands of dog food with varying results. In the past I mixed multiple foods for certain dogs to try to keep weight on them and try not to give them a horribly loose stool. Now that I have made the switch to Loyall, I don’t have to fool with mixing different foods, all of my dogs now get Loyall and they are all doing great on it. Another benefit I have found since switching to Loyall is smaller, firmer stools.  The energy levels of my dogs are amazing and their recovery times after being worked hard are incredibly low. The performance of my dogs in the field is at an optimum level thanks to Loyall!"

MOHR-OHI Kennels

Loyall Handler: MOHR-ORI KennelsJeremiah Mohr has been a fierce individual competitor all his life. From setting High school track and field records, to winning World Championship IBO archery tournaments, Drag Racing and Long Distance Rifle Shooting. Every hobby and past time has turned into a personal quest to achieve perfection. Bird dogs became his passion in the late 90’s. For him it added a new twist to individual sports … making himself and a dog work together as a single unit in perfect unison. Nestled in central West Virginia the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, MOHR-OHI kennels have dedicated countless hours and dollars developing a proven line of outstanding  top quality German Shorthaired pointers.

“My main goal with Bird dogs has always been to produce a top quality hunting dog that ANYONE would be proud to own. I found UFTA field trials to be the best way to compete and evaluate my dogs against some of the best in the country . Endurance, Intelligence, Drive ,and Unrivaled  Desire are all things that I demand from my dogs. Loyall dog food has helped me give my dogs the nutritional edge  they need to be successful. The puppy formula is the best there is hands down. Nothing gives them a better start . The Professional Formula  is my choice, it gives them a  lean , muscled build with a glossy shiny  coat, bright eyes and clean healthy teeth and gums. Opti-cook process gives them a good hard consistent stool with one bowel movement per day . (which makes kennel clean up worth every penny alone) The natural source of glucosamine keeps them limber and helps prevent injuries. Good hunting dogs hunt hard ,but if you really want to put your dog food to the test, hunt in the mountains for a week, after a few days you will visibly see the quality of your food. Loyall is the only dog food available that will perform consistently at that level and above. From someone whose life long motto  has been “Demand Quality and Accept Perfection” Loyall Dog Food will give you the results everybody else promises.”

KTeris Kennels

Loyall Handler: KTeris KennelsScott, Grace and Lis Bailey from Strafford, NH are breeders, trainers and competitors of professional sled dog racing hounds since 1997. During the 2012 season, Grace was 1st in both 6-dog and 8-dog classes.

K-Teris has been chosen to represent the USA in the upcoming World Championships in North Pole, Alaska.

Grace has been training hard for the upcoming race season.  She has earned a spot on the US Mushing Team and will be representing the US in the 4-dog and 6-dog sprint classes.  She has also been voted in as the US Team Captain. This is a very exciting year for us, as this is what Grace has been training for, for the past 6 years.  Our dogs are at a peak age to race and we are ready to give it our best. We leave for Alaska, February 12th and will be racing every weekend across the US, through Minnesota, Canada and finally end up in North Pole and Fairbanks AK until we return in April.

Jeanette Tracy

Loyall Handler: Jeanette TracyJeanette Tracy comes from a family of successful shooting dog handlers and competitors, and is a Professional Trainer / Handler on the American Field Open Horseback circuit. She continues to hold the fourth position on the points list for the top shooting dog handler in the country.

Jeanette won runner-up champion at the Eastern Open Championship and BOTH champion and runner-up at the Middle Atlantic Championship in March 2013. 

"Good nutrition is essential for performance dogs to compete at the highest level in the field. Loyall Professional dog food gives my dogs the stamina and drive it takes to win big." ~ Jeanette Tracy


Lone Oak Retrievers

Loyall Handler: Lone Oak RetrieversJ. Paul Jackson began training dogs after receiving a Labrador retriever (Lab) puppy for Christmas over twenty-five years ago. At the time he knew that he wanted a well-trained hunting companion, and that he wanted to do the training required to achieve that goal himself. After a few months of working with that first dog, Casey, J. Paul realized that he was addicted to dog training, and decided that someday he would turn his passion into his occupation.

Finally in 1997, J. Paul opened his own training kennel, Lone Oak Retrievers. Located in Dyersburg, Tennessee it is one of the most recognized and successful dog training facilities in the nation. While almost all of the retrievers they train are hunting dogs, they have expanded the operation to other breeds and types of training. They also compete in over thirty (30) field trail and hunt test events annually. To date, they have turned out over fifty (50) Hunting Retriever Champions and Master Hunters.

In 2004 J. Paul took the Gold Medal in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Retriever Trial, and in 2005 and 2006 he took Silver in the ESPN Super Retriever Series Crown Championship. Since 2009, J. Paul has been the host of Drake Waterfowl’s TV series, Drake’s Migration Nation, which airs on The Sportsman Channel. Today, Drake’s Migration Nation is one of the most watched waterfowl series on outdoor television.

Blazing Red Kennels

Loyall Handler: Blazing Red KennelsI have competed Labrador, Flatcoated, Chesapeake bay, and Golden Retrievers in AKC, UKC, and APLA hunt tests, and have titled dogs to the GRAND HUNTING RETRIEVER CHAMPION level, which is the elite level of the Hunting Retriever Club! I have also qualified and run AKC's Master National test and has earned enough Master Hunter titles to qualify annually for the Master National. I have passed the Master National 3 years running 2011, 2012, 2013 with my own dog Flame, making him MNH. I have also competed in 2 QAA trials with Flame the first one in 2010 earning a 2nd place earning him the QAA status.

My extensive knowledge of making an excellent Upland Game dog is un-compared. I have trained and handled many flushing dogs to earn their Upland Hunter titles in HRC. I have handle and trained Pointing Labradors earning APLA titles as well. In the fall you can find me out guiding Upland hunts. I guide professionally at Maple Glen Farms in West Alexandria OH. Then on to MS to duck hunt and train for the rest of the winter. I am a avid hunter also starting with Sept. Dove hunts in Ohio, South Dakota Pheasant hunting to Duck hunting in MS.

I feed Loyall Active adult and I will not change. I cannot say how many dog foods I have tried and how much research I have put into trying to find a dog food that gives my dogs all they need. Loyall is that food. My dogs look great and preform awesome. Plus they love the taste of a loyall even my picky eaters. I will promote Loyall as long as I own my kennels and train dogs.
Carolyn Elam

Wax Lake Retrievers

Loyall Handler: Wax Lake RetrieversMy name is John Wilson and I am owner/operator of Wax Lake Retrievers. I have trained dogs for over ten years and in that time have titled dogs at all levels of AKC and UKC hunt test,  but my biggest accomplishment has been the hundreds of dogs I have trained that spend their time afield with their proud owners. They are the dogs that successfully everyday recover game for their owners and by night become an important part of the family.

At my kennel facilities in Durant, MS we feed and recommend Loyall brand dog food. When you feed large numbers of dogs like we do you can really see if a feed is high quality or not. Our dogs have slick healthy coats and have tons of energy in the field. Feeding Loyall has been one of the reasons for our success here at Wax Lake Retrievers.

John Wilson