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Team Nutrena: Equestrian

Nutrena is proud to be the feed of choice for horses of leading riders, trainers, and owners across all equestrian disciplines. 

Debbie McDonald
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original and Empower Boost
  • Member of 2004 and 2008 Olympic Dressage Teams.
  • "My philosophy is to be consistent and steady every day – and to not push too hard. And when your horses are on a properly balanced diet, they just feel better inside. You can see it in their attitude, in their condition and in their performance. With Nutrena, I know my horses are getting the best nutrition possible." ~Debbie McDonald
Nutrena About Us-Nutrena Riders-Debbie McDonald-Brentina
Adrienne Lyle
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original and Empower Boost
  • 2012 London Olympic Team
  • 2014 CDI 4* Wellington Classic Grand Prix Special Champions
  • 2014 CDI-0 Nations Cup Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle Gold Medalist
  • 2014 CDI 5* Wellington Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special Champions
  • Assistant trainer to Olympian and World Cup Champion Debbie McDonald

Photo credit: Phelps Media

Team Nutrena: Adrienne Lyle
Yvonne Barteau
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original, ProForce XTN, and Empower
  • USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist
  • Two-time qualifier for the World Young Horse Championships
  • Multiple USDF Horse of the Year Awards
  • “Nutrena has proven to be a “safe choice” for our training and sales operation for many years. Every horse easily adjusts to the very palatable feed, and our horses weight and condition is among the best in the nation. Three time USDF Horse of The Year Grand Prix Raymeister blooms and thrives on Nutrena!” ~ Yvonne Barteau
Yvonne Barteau
Lainey Ashker
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original and ProForce Fuel
  • 2014 Red Hills cic*** - 5th place
  • 2013 American Eventing Championship winner
  • 2013 Gold Cup Champion
  • 2010 Rolex 3Day Event - 8th place
  • “It is important to me that my horses not only perform at their best but also that they look and feel the part as well! I feed Nutrena because of that very reason. Nutrena encompasses a wide variety of nutritional and dietary needs that satisfies the pallet of my Four star, Prix Saint Georges, off-the-track and trail riding horses. Whether your goals take you through the Rolex finish lines or to a local hunter show, Nutrena is there to help you and your horse attain your own version of "greatness!"” – Laine Ashker
Lainey Ashker
Becky Holder
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original and ProForce XTN
  • Member of 2008 Olympic Three-Day Eventing Team
  • 2010 USEA American Eventing Championships Winner
  • Member of USA's 2010 World Equestrian Games Three-Day Eventing Team
  • 2010 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, 2nd Place


Becky Holder
Gina Miles
  • Nutrena Feed: ProForce XTN
  • Member of 2008 Olympic Eventing Team, 2008 Individual Olympic Silver Medal in Eventing
  • When traveling and competing in World Class competitions it is imperative that our horses get the highest quality feeds available.  I know with Nutrena, my horses are getting what they need to win." ~Gina Miles
Nutrena About Us-Nutrena Riders-Gina Miles-McKinlaigh
McLain Ward
  • Nutrena Feed: ProForce XTN
  • "My team plays a large role in my success as a rider. Nutrena has been feeding my horses for the past six years. It provides Castle Hill Horses with a wide range of horse feeds and supplements to satisfy the individual nutritional needs of each horse. XTN has proven to be the feed of choice for my Grand Prix horses. It allows them to perform at the highest levels of competition by enhancing their strength." ~McLain Ward
  • 2014 USHJA Rider Lifetime Money Earned (Jumper) - Ranked 1st
  • 2012 London Olympic Team
  • Member of 2004 and 2008 Gold Medal Winning Olympic Show Jumping Teams
  • Ward and Sapphire were members of the Silver Medal-Winning Team at the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games
  • Ward is the youngest rider to reach the $1-million mark in Grand Prix winnings
Nutrena About Us-Nutrena Riders-McLain Ward-Sapphire
Anne Kursinski
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original and ProForce XTN
  • "I have fed Nutrena for over 20 years and have had excellent results.  My successful record in the show ring with many different horses is my proof.  The consistency, excellence and continual improvement of Nutrena products are the benefits I appreciate the most." ~ Anne Kursinski
  • Five time Olympian, earning two Silver Medals in Jumping.
  • Three time competitor on the USA World Equestrian Games Team
  • World-renowned teacher, trainer, clinician, judge, and author.
  • Click here to visit Anne's web site
Anne Kursinski
Sally Cousins
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Perform, Triumph 10 and Triumph 12
  • "My horses look well and perform well on Nutrena feeds. I don't have to worry about feeding any additional additives, and my horses find it palatable." ~ Sally Cousins
  • USEA Leading Lady Rider: 2008, 09, 10, 11
  • USEA Leaderboard: 4th Place for 2012
  • Rolex 3-Day 2012: 14th Place
Sally Cousins: Team Nutrena
Rebecca Hart
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Senior and ProForce Fuel
  • 2012 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage National Champion
  • Ranked #1 on the US Para-Olympic team by the USEF High Performance Working Group and USEF Executive Committee
  • 2012 London Para-Olympics Competitor, on Jessica Ransehousen's Lord Ludger
Rebecca Hart: Team Nutrena
Joe Beaver
  • In his 25 plus year rodeo career, Beaver has qualified for the NFR 18 times in the Calf Roping, 4 times in the Team Roping, been crowned World Champion All-Around Cowboy 4 times, and as of 2011 has won well over $3million with a rope.    
Joe Beaver
Wilhelm Genn
  • Nutrena Feed: ProForce XTN
  • "Well fed is half trained." ~Wilhelm Genn
  • 2014 USHJA Rider Lifetime Money Earned (Jumper) - Ranked 7th
  • Winner of 20 Grand Prix Show Jumping Championships in 2007
  • 2004 Young Jumper East Coast Finals Winner
Nutrena About Us-Nutrena Riders-Wilhelm Genn
Andrea Fappani
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original
  • “Generating a superior level of performance and endurance throughout the long show season is mandatory for success. Knowing I can count on Nutrena gives me the confidence to push my horses to their maximum performance ability while maintaining a steady weight and healthy coat.” ~Andrea Fappani
  • Youngest NRHA Million Dollar Rider
  • 2007 National Reining Breeders Classic Open Champion
Nutrena About Us-Nutrena Riders-Andrea Fappani
Jake Telford
  • Nutrena Feed   
  • "I love Nutrena Feed because of their versatility. They offer a perfect feed for every horse in my barn. From the older "easy keeper" to the young futurity horses, I can now keep them physically and mentally in the best condition possible." ~Jake Telford
  • 2009 NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Bridle Champion
  • 2008 Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Hackamore Champion, Open Two Rein Champion, Open Bridle Champion. Only Rider in history to win all three horse show classes at the Snaffle Bit Futurity
Jake Telford Bio Image
Peter Leone
  • Nutrena Feed: ProForce XTN
  • 1996 Member of the USET Show Jumping Silver Medal at the Olympic Games
  • USET Member at Six World Cup Finals

Photo Courtesy of Peter Weyand

Peter Leone Bio Image
Chelsi Horton: Boise State University Bronco Girl
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Original and Empower Boost 
  • Boise State Univeristy Bronco Girl
  • "In the time that I have used Nutrena products, I have seen an incredible change takeover my horse; his coat is shining like never before, he is putting on (and keeping) more weight as a performance horse, and overall has regained his passion for competition that he hasn’t had in several years. Nutrena is helping give my horse and I more quality time, accomplishments, and memories together!" ~ Chelsi Horton
Chelsi Horton - Rodeo Girl at Boise State  
Tammy Whyte
  • Nutrena Feed
  • 2012 Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo Qualifier
  • 2011 Great Lakes Circuit Champion Barrel Racer
  • 2011 Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo Qualifier
  • 2009 Great Lakes Circuit Champion    


                                          Tammy Whyte Bio Pic                                   
Monty Bruce
  • Nutrena Feed: SafeChoice Perform
  • Multi-time Reined Cow Horse  and reining Futurity  and Derby Champion
  • Monty Bruce Training Center is a full-service equine facility that  specializes in Reined Cow Horse, Reining and Performance Horses


      Monty Bruce Bio Pic