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Nutrena Rewards

Nutrena Rewards: How it Works
Love Nutrena feeds, and what they do for your animals?  This is the program for you!

It's simple - visit and sign up, then enter the names of friends you think should try Nutrena on their animals.  We'll send them an e-mail with a coupon that they can download just by answering a few simple questions.

Once a friend signs up to get their coupon, we'll e-mail you a coupon for $5 off your next bag of Nutrena Feed!  You can earn up to 7 coupons - that's $35 in savings!  And you can always log back in and see your progress, or recommend Nutrena to more friends.

What's more, if your friend likes Nutrena, they can join the program and start earning more of their own coupons!


The Nutrena Rewards program may be changed or discontinued at any time.  Program valid only in the United States.