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Nutrebeef® Cubes Feed

Cube feed Cropped NutreBeef® Cubes are designed to be easily grazed off the ground. This pelleted formulation delivers energy and protein when feeding troughs are not available. Cubes should be fed to all cattle, in addition to hay or pasture, to help improve body condition or support milk production in cows. 

Cubes supplement protein for all stages of breeding for cows and bulls and can be fed anytime when extra protein or energy is needed.

For Cows: Feed to a body condition goal of 5 to 7 at calving time. Talk to your Nutrena® dealer  to learn more about supplemental feeding. Diet affects calf-weaning rates, re-breeding performance, reconditioning and fetal development.

For Bulls: To improve body condition – which deteriorates during breeding – feed to a body condition goal of 5 to 7.

Nutrient Level
Crude Protein Min 20%
Crude Fat Min 2.5%
Crude Fiber Max 14%