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NutreBeef® Mineral

Nutrena NutreBeef Mineral bag

NutreBeef® Mineral with Superior All-Weather Technology delivers the nutritional support your cattle need to maximize their profit potential. NutreBeef® Mineral offers greater palatability for improved intake, provides vital nutrients that may be lacking in their diet, and helps optimize utilization of forage. Because NutreBeef ® Mineral features Superior All-Weather Technology, it also helps prevent mineral loss due to rain, excessive humidity, and even wind. With NutreBeef® Mineral you can be sure you are providing all the major minerals, trace minerals and key vitamins your cattle need without the losses you can experience with non-weatherized mineral.

Minerals support various functions in cattle and mineral deficiencies can result in unsatisfactory production results. By supplementing the ration with NutreBeef® Mineral you ensure your cattle have everything they need for healthy growth, development, and feed efficiency.

Superior All-Weather Technology

Moisture is the enemy of non-weatherized mineral. Whether from rain or excessive humidity, moisture can cause mineral to clump or harden so it is unavailable for cattle. Even covered feeders offer little protection from the various ways moisture can affect mineral. Only Superior All-Weather Technology helps prevent these losses.

Wind is another major source of mineral loss. Studies have shown that with non-weatherized mineral, losses can be substantial. In a recent wind tunnel trial, minerals with various types of weatherization were exposed to winds of 15 MPH for 12 hours. Superior All-Weather Technology was clearly superior in cutting losses due to wind.

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Whenever possible, NutreBeef® Mineral should be mixed into the ration to help make sure cattle eat consistent amounts of mineral every day. In most diets, desired intake of NutreBeef® Mineral is 2 to 4 ounces (55 to 110 grams) per head per day.

If the mineral is designed for mixing, instructions will be on the tag.

Mineral Feeding
  • Feed mineral in dry, wind-free, rain-protected feeders.
  • Allow one foot of mineral feeder space for every 100 cattle.
  • Cattle will eat more consistently when mineral is kept fresh. Plan feeding so that fresh mineral is provided weekly.
  • Use the location of the mineral feeder to help manage intake. To increase intake, position mineral feeder in areas where cattle gather, such as in watering or shady areas. To decrease intake, move mineral feeder away from areas where cattle gather.

Please see the tag on the bag for more information about this product.