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NutreBeef® Transition Feed

Nutrena NutreBeef Transition bag

Whenever calves are subjected to stress, such as during weaning, shipping or processing, the primary goal is to keep them healthy. The first step toward achieving that goal is to get calves to start eating right away.  

That's where NutreBeef Transition Ration comes in, with formulation designed to give calves the proper nutrients they need to stay healthy and grow strong.

  • Feed long hay on the day calves are weaned.
  • Begin feeding NutreBeef® Transition on the second day after weaning.
  • If bunk feeding, offer calves NutreBeef®Transition at a rate of approximately 1% of bodyweight at the first feeding. The amount calves eat will vary considerably during the first few days.
  • If self- feeding, monitor intake the first few days to guard against calves eating too much (more than 2% of bodyweight). Overeating is rare and is usually seen with calves that have been creep-fed and know how to eat.
  • Feed NutreBeef® Transition for 14 to 45 days, depending on their stress level and how well they take to eating.
  • As a general rule, feed NutreBeef® Transition until intake reaches 3% of the calf’s bodyweight.
  • NutreBeef®Transition may be fed as the sole ration so you do not normally need to feed hay with this pelleted feed.
  • There are, however, a couple of situations where feeding hay is recommended to address overeating:
    • When bunk feeding and they eat more than 2% of bodyweight per day during the first 2 to 3 days.
    • When self-feeding and they eat more than 3% of their bodyweight per day.

      In both cases, hay should be provided to help control overeating.