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DairyWay™ Lactation/Transition

Nutrena DairyWay Lactation Transition feed bag

Conventional wisdom holds that the lactation cycle begins with freshening. But at Nutrena, our research has led us to a different conclusion. What we've discovered is that the way you manage your dry cows during the dry period can have a direct and dramatic impact on their subsequent productivity. 

The lactation cycle of the cow can be divided into 4 distinct phases. The far-off phase extends from dry-off to approximately 21 days prior to calving.The close-up phase comprises three weeks immediately prior to calving. The fresh cow phase begins at calving and continues for 21 days, when the cow rejoins the milking herd for the lactation phase. The transition from dry to lactation is one of the most stressful times in the cow’s life and proper nutrition is critical to get the cow through as uneventfully as possible. 

DairyWay™ Lactation / Transition feeds have been designed with these phases in mind. High quality nutrition in each phase is essential for setting and maintaining high production levels.


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