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About Nutrena® Pet Nutrition

Here at Nutrena, making a better pet food is our first priority. We understand the bond between people and their pets – because we’ve been devoted to the care and feeding of animals for more than 80 years.

Our dogs and cats give us so much: their trust, their loyalty, and their level best performance. So we want to do what’s best for them – to provide balanced nutrition and indulge them with the flavors they crave.

Loyall Life™ Super Premium Dog Food & Cat Food: From the moment we welcome them into our families, our pets bring wonder and joy to each day. In return, they deserve no less than our very best. Loyall Life™ Super Premium Pet Food rewards our best friends for their lifetime of companionship and devotion, at every age and activity level.

Loyall™ Premium Dog Food & Cat Food: A lifetime of care and Loyall™ premium pet food is the best way to treat your best friend. Loyall™ pet food gives your companion the balanced nutrition needed to keep them on top of their game – for many memories to come.

River Run® Dog Food:  Your dog was bred to work hard and he knows it. The same can be said for River Run® dog food. And just like your dog, River Run® pet food gives you quality and performance you can count on.