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Loyall Pet Food Product Line

Loyall™ Premium Pet Foods

Loyall™ Premium Dog Foods and Cat Food are specially formulated for your pet’s individual needs.

Our pets give us so much: their trust, their loyalty, their level best. A lifetime of care and Loyall® pet food is the best way to treat your best friend.

Provide the balanced nutrition your pets need as you indulge them with the flavors they crave. Loyall® pet food provides precisely balanced, consistent nutrients in every bag to bring out the best in your pet at every age and activity level.

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Only Nutrena’s exclusive Opti-Cook® process optimizes quality, palatability and starch digestion. What does that mean? The process maintains a steady cooking temperature to ensure nutrient consistency, which supports a healthy gut and digestive tract.

Here at Nutrena, making a better pet food is our first priority. We understand the bond between people and their pets because we’ve been devoted to the care and feeding of animals for more than 80 years. So we pour everything we know about taste and nutrition into every bag of Loyall™.

Breeder & Kennel Program

We understand that running a kennel or breeding business can be as challenging as it is rewarding. That’s why we created the Loyall® rewards program specifically for breeders and kennels. Click here to learn more.