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Nutrena® Horse Feeds Overview

Wondering what to feed your horse, and which feed will provide what he needs?  At Nutrena, we provide a variety of horse feeds to meet the different nutritional requirements of all classes of horses.  The chart below provides a quick overview of our feeds.  Need more help?  Try our Horse Feed Selector Tool, or you can contact a Nutrena Equine Consultant with your specific question.


Product Comparison Chart
ProductsAverage RatingFormProteinFatFiberPre & Probiotics, Complex Trace MineralsBiotin
SafeChoice OriginalPellet14%7%15%YesYes
SafeChoice SeniorPellet14%8%16%YesYes
SafeChoice Special CarePellet14%7%15%YesYes
SafeChoice PerformPellet14%9%15%YesYes
SafeChoice Mare & FoalPellet16%7%15%YesYes
SafeChoice MaintenancePellet12%5%18%YesYes
ProForce FuelPellet12%13%10%YesYes
ProForce XTNTextured12%12%10%YesYes
ProForce SeniorTextured14%10%17%YesYes
ProForce FiberTextured12%13%16%YesYes
Vitality UltraTextured12%10%12%YesYes
Vitality Perform 14Textured14%6%10%YesYes
Empower BoostExtruded12%22%6%YesYes
Empower BalancePellet30%5%8%YesYes
Triumph SeniorPellet14%3.5%16%NoYes
Triumph 12%Textured or Pelleted12%6%12%NoYes
Triumph 10-10 SweetTextured10%10%12%NoYes
Triumph 14%Textured or Pelleted14%6%12%NoYes
Triumph CompletePellet12%3.5%25%NoYes