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Know the Signs of a Senior Horse

Senior Horse Feeds

Choose the Nutrena® senior horse feed that’s right for you and your senior horse.

ProForce Senior Horse Feed Bag
ProForce Senior Horse Feed:

ProForce Senior Horse Feed is a high fat, beet pulp based complete feed specifically designed to meet the needs of active senior horses and extremely hard keepers. Guaranteed Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acid levels, along with prebiotics, probiotics, and organic trace minerals provide your senior athlete all he needs to stay active and healthy.

SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed
SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed:

SafeChoice Senior horse feed provides the best nutrition possible for your senior horse, with a premium blend of highly-digestible and highly-palatable nutrients. Added pre- and probiotics help support nutrient digestion, and organic trace minerals help support immune system performance and protein utilization.

NEW Triumph Senior Horse Feed Bag
Triumph Senior Horse Feed

Triumph Senior Horse Feed provides solid senior nutrition, at a slightly lower price. Guaranteed levels of lysine and biotin help support muscle maintenance and good hair coat and hoof quality, and added vitamins and minerals help provide balanced nutrition. 

All the best, or solid essential nutrition. Either way, you’re giving your senior horse the best available feed from more than 90 years of Nutrena® research.