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Empower® Horse Supplements. 

For Superior Nutrition.

Empower supplements are scientifically formulated to serve the unique needs of your horse, and are made with the highest quality ingredients available, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry.  Whether you want the kind of speed that shaves hundredths-of-a-second off the clock or the kind of endurance that lets you enjoy a long ride through the countryside, Empower horse supplements will provide your animals the quality nutrition they deserve. 

Find Empower Boost and Balance horse supplements in convenient 40-lb. bags at your local Nutrena retailer.  

Nutrena Empower Boost High Fat Rice Bran Horse Supplement for Performance Horses and Hard Keepers

Empower Boost Horse Supplement: 
High-Fat Rice Bran Supplement for performance horses and hard-keepers.

Empower Boost High Fat Rice Bran Supplement is formulated to enhance the performance and endurance of horses in heavy training and hard keepers. The perfect blend of fat and select nutrients provides the energy your horse needs to work harder, train longer, and perform better. Empower Boost delivers superior performance and condition even when your horse has trouble gaining weight. 

Nutrena Empower Balance Grass Formula Low Starch Ration Balancer Horse Supplement

Empower Balance Pelleted Grass Supplement: 
Concentrated Controlled Starch Supplement to balance hay or grass diets.

Empower Balance Grass Formula Supplement is a ration balancer formulated for horses that get adequate energy from good quality forage. It offers an excellent combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, which balance out the diet to help your horse look and feel its best. Empower Balance delivers superior performance and condition for breeding and maintenance horses and easy keepers. And the low feeding rate makes it a great value to complement your hay or pasture.