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Nutrena Mare & Foal Horse Feeds provide proper nutrition for pregnante mares, foals, and growing horses.

Horse Feeds for Mares & Foals

Choose the Nutrena® horse feed that’s right for your mare and foal.

Starting your foal off right means starting a feeding program long before he ever takes his first wobbly steps.  Feeding the mare a well balanced maintenance diet from day one, and then moving to a feed designed for mares and foals around month seven of her pregnancy, will provide a superior nutritional foundation for the foal.  Once the foal arrives, he can begin creep feeding right alongside his dam on the same horse feed, and remain on that feed until his second birthday.

SafeChoice Mare & Foal Horse Feed

SafeChoice Mare & Foal Horse Feed

A pelleted horse feed that promotes consistent intake and prevents sorting of ingredients.

Nutrena Horse Vitality Perform 14 final sm image

Vitality Perform 14

A textured horse feed that promotes quick adaptation to eating grains.

SafeChoice Original Horse Feed

SafeChoice Original Horse Feed

A pelleted horse feed designed to be used where multiple classes of horses are kept on the same product.

Choose the product form your horses will enjoy most. Either way, you’re giving your mare and foal the best available horse feed from more than 80 years of Nutrena® research.