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Nutrena® Horse Feeds Overview

Nutrena provides different types of horse feed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses at various stages of life and activity levels. The chart below provides a quick overview of products suitable for the various stages.  Still not sure? Visit our Horse Feed Selector Tool, or get horse feeding advice and product recommendations from a Nutrena consultant.

Product Recommendations:
Life Stage/Activity LevelPelleted ProductsTextured Products
Young, Growing HorsesSafeChoice Mare & Foal, SafeChoice OriginalVitality Perform 14
Two-Year-OldsSafeChoice Original, SafeChoice PerformEmpower SupplementsVitality Perform 14, Vitality Ultra, Pro Force XTN
Pleasure & Maintenance HorsesSafeChoice Original, SafeChoice Maintenance, Empower Balance, Pro Force FuelVitality Perform 14
Performance Horses - Moderate to Intense ActivitySafeChoice PerformEmpower Boost, Pro Force Fuel, Pro Fiber FiberPro Force XTN, Vitality Ultra
Geriatric HorsesSafeChoice Senior, Triumph Senior, Pro Force SeniorSafeChoice Original, Empower SupplementsSafeChoice Senior
StallionsSafeChoice Original, SafeChoice Perform, Pro Force FuelEmpower SupplementsVitality Ultra, Vitality Perform 14, Pro Force XTN
Broodmares - Early Gestation / Late LactationSafeChoice Mare & Foal, SafeChoice Original, Empower SupplementsVitality Perform 14
Broodmares - Late Gestation / Early LactationSafeChoice Mare & Foal, SafeChoice OriginalEmpower SupplementsVitality Mare & Foal, Pro Force XTN
Draft HorsesSafeChoice Special Care, Pro Force FuelEmpower SupplementsVitality Ultra, Pro Force XTN
Ponies & Miniature HorsesSafeChoice Special CareEmpower Supplements 
Insulin Resistant or Cushing's HorsesEmpower Balance, SafeChoice Special Care, Pro Force Fiber