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Nutri-Bloom Advantage
Helping senior horses look and feel better.
Our proprietary combination of ingredients results in a healthier digestive system — and that results in senior horses who look and feel better.
  How It Helps Your Horse
  How It Works
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  The Research
Featured exclusively
in SafeChoice® Senior.
How Nutri-Bloom Advantage® Helps Your Horse.
Expect increased bloom
with more muscle tone,
better body condition
and topline, a shinier
coat and improved
overall health.
How Nutri-Bloom Advantage® Works.
It makes it easier for horses
to digest and absorb nutrients.
  • More energy from existing
    hay and pasture
  • Up to 15% increase in
    neutral detergent fiber
    (NDF) digestibility.
Source: "The Benefits of
Prebiotics and Probiotics for Horses"
Roy A. Johnson, M.S. Technology
Manager, Nutrena Equine North
America and Emily Lamprecht,
Ph.D. Global Equine and Pet
Innovation Manager
Nutri-Bloom Advantage®
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The Research
The effectiveness of Nutri-Bloom
Advantage's® unique combination
of ingredients is verified by third
party research.