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Nutrena® Products

Horse Feed
  • SafeChoice® - The six SafeChoice horse feed formulas are proven, controlled starch feeds that give your horse the quality nutrition it requires. And you the peace of mind you've always wanted.
  • Empower® Supplements - Scientifically formulated supplements designed to serve the unique needs of your horse.
  • ProForce™ - High performance nutrition. Championship-caliber results. ProForce is a complete line of feeds designed to give professional-level results.
  • Pennfield® - Our new Fibregized Omega and Ultra formulations combine proven Pennfield feed quality with Nutrena feed expertise. Scientifically formulated to meet the needs of performance and maintenance horses.
  • Vitality® - Premium textured horse feeds formulated with additional nutrients horses need for higher levels of competition and activity.
  • Triumph® - Horse feeds that deliver true value in equine nutrition, made possible by a combination of select feed ingredients and generations of industry experience.
Dog Food & Cat Food
  • Loyall Life® - Super premium line of dog and cat foods that reward our best friends for their lifetime of companionship and devotion, at every age and activity level.
  • Loyall® - Premium line of dog and cat foods specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for each type of pet based on age, activity and sensitivities.
  • River Run® - Dog food products that deliver true value in pet nutrition, made possible by a combination of select ingredients and generations of industry experience.
Poultry Feed
Pig Feed
  • Country Feeds® Pig Feeds - A product for every life-stage, Country Feeds® formulas help support good health and productivity for your pigs every step of the way.
Dairy Cattle Feed
  • DairyWay® - A complete line of premium dairy feeds scientifically tested to deliver optimum growth and productivity during every life stage.
Beef Cattle Feed
  • NutreBeef® - Premium beef cattle nutrition products— regionally formulated to match local forage conditions and maximize performance.
Specialty Animal Feed