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PorkTrack® for Grow/Finish Hogs

Nutrena Pork Track for Grow Finish Hogs feed bag

Today, most grow/finish hogs have tremendous growth potential. The best way to achieve this potential is to provide quality nutrition, backed by innovative research. It's also the best way to minimize the effects of stress that can disrupt feed intake and growth during the long growing stage.

Nutrena's PorkTrack® for Grow/Finish Hogs is a pelleted feed, specially formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of your lean hog. Every bag of PorkTrack® for Grow/Finish Hogs comes with a unique combination of nutrients to give your pigs a nutritional edge. 

  • Balanced amino acids supply the right amino acid levels and ratios for optimal performance. 
  • Dietary energy supports fast, lean growth, given the net energy supplied from ingredient sources rich in carbohydrate or fat energy. 
  • Nutrient-dense formulation provides for limited intakes that may be associated with environmental stress factors. 
  • Added vitamins support quantity and quality of lean tissue growth. 
  • Added trace minerals lead to proper muscle and bone development during the growing stage.

Feed PorkTrack® for Grow/Finish Hogs as the sole ration during the growing stage, which should last no more than 20 weeks. Follow the feeding table outlined below:

Average Begin Weight Days on Feed Average End Weight Total Feed Per Head
45 - 55 lbs
20 - 25 kg
40 - 50 days 115 - 125 lbs
52 - 57 kg
180 - 200 lbs
82 - 91 kg
115 - 125 lbs
82 - 91 kg
75 - 90 days 245 - 265 lbs
111 - 120 kg
400 - 420 lbs
181 - 191 kg