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PorkTrack® for Starter Pigs

Nutrena Pork Track for Starter Pigs feed bag Rightimage

Starter pigs undergo significant changes in their digestive system and are often limited by their digestive capacity. The onset of weaning, coupled with the starter pig’s inexperience with dry feed, leads to lower nutrient absorption. This stressful period in a young pig’s life requires the best nutrition, backed by the best innovative research.

Nutrena’s PorkTrack® for Starter Pigs is a pelleted feed, specially formulated to meet your young pig’s complete nutrient requirements. Every bag of PorkTrack® for Starter Pigs comes with a unique combination of nutrients to give your pigs a nutritional edge.

  • Balanced amino acids supply the right amino acid levels and ratios for optimal performance.
  • Added plasma & peptones provide readily absorbed amino acids for gut repair.
  • Balanced carbohydrates, including lactose promote favorable gut flora and pig performance.
  • Nutrient-dense formulation supports limited intakes associated with weaning stress.
  • Added fermentable fiber encourages a viable, healthy gut.
  • Added copper assists with energy digestion and the transition to dry food.
  • Added zinc leads to a healthy immune response.

Feed PorkTrack® for Starter Pigs as the sole ration during the starter phase, which should last no more than 7 weeks. Begin feeding PorkTrack® for Starter Pigs as a creep feed prior to weaning and continue during the weaning transition. The average weaning age for pigs fed this feed is 18 to 28 days of age. After weaning, follow the feeding table outlined below.

Average Begin Weight Days on Feed Average End Weight Total Feed Per Head
10 - 15 lbs
4.5 - 6.8 kg
10 days 14  - 18 lbs
6.4 - 8.2 kg
5 lbs
2.3 kg
14 - 18 lbs
6.4 - 8.2 kg
14 days 24 - 28 lbs
10.9 - 12.7 kg
13 lbs
5.9 kg
24 - 28 lbs
10.9  - 12.7 kg
20 - 26 days 50 - 55 lbs
22.7 - 24.9 kg
40 lbs
18.1 kg