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Feather Fixer Poultry Feed


Feather Fixer Poultry Feed for Molt Feather Fixer™ is a unique and innovative life-stage product that can also be fed year round if desired. It is ideal to help your flock get through molt quicker and supports feather growth and the production of fresh, hard-shelled eggs.

  • Optimal protein and energy levels for chickens regrowing feathers
  • Organic trace minerals support feather regrowth and eggshell strength
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics support proper digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Natural source of greens for periods when grass is limited
  • Tagetes (Aztec marigold) meal for golden yolks
  • Proprietary blend of nutrients naturally supports the immune system and overall health of your flock
  • Pelleted form

About Molting:

Comments from users:

  • “Some of the chickens grew their feathers back very quickly, faster than I have ever seen before. I would definitely use it again.” - Mike H
  • “The rate at which feathers re-grew and egg production returned was unbelievable. We had eggs within 2 weeks of feeding the product.” - Andy W. 
  • "My chickens were quicker to re-feather by about 1 week faster than normal.” - Kristi P
  • “When we began using Mite-Fighter technology on a flock with significant mites present, we immediately noticed a reduction in mites. In subsequent flocks, we are using it before infestation and to this point have not seen mites develop as in the past.” - Brad L.


Crude Protein 18.0%
Crude Fat4.0%
Crude Fiber6.0%
Calcium3.25 - 3.75%
Salt0.25 - 0.65%
Sodium0.15 - 0.23%