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Feed Them Like Your Family.
The Nutrena® NatureWise® Difference.
Natural* Ingredients: No artificial flavorings or colors.
No added hormones or antibiotics.
Then we supplement that
natural goodness with
carefully selected vitamins,
minerals and amino acids.
*As defined by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards.
Good Digestion: Prebiotics and probiotics help your birds better utilize feed and better absorb nutrients.
NatureWise® Feeds have used prebiotics and probiotics for years — and they've been proven to withstand the manufacturing process. This helps your birds get more nourishment out of their feed.
Flock Health: A proprietary
gut health ingredient helps
keep your birds healthy.
Defends against
disease challenges
Positively impacts
gut health
Egg Quality: Nutrena's unique amino acid profile means thicker egg whites and less-runny eggs.
Marigold extract contributes to golden yolks, and extra calcium means harder, better-quality egg shells. Besides improving your omelet, NatureWise's formulation also promotes your bird's healthy growth and supports immunity.

Selecting the Right NatureWise product for your flock:

 Chick Starter Grower CrumblesChick Starter Grower Medicated CrumblesLayer or Hearty HenMeatbird CrumblesAll Flock PelletsScratch GrainsFeather Fixer


1 - 16 weeksXX     
16 weeks and up  X  X 
During molt      X


Hatch to finish   X   
Free range or where maximum growth is not expected    XX 

Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Pheasants

Hatch to 7 weeks   X   
8 weeks and older   XXX