The SmartGrain Formulation Difference 


What makes some feeds better than others? Which nutrients really make a difference in your horse’s health? And how do we deliver the right combination for your animal? Those were our questions. SmartGrain Formulation is our answer.

  • SmartGrain Formulation begins with the ideal blend of nutrients and controlled starch levels appropriate to the activity level and needs of each type of horse to help reduce metabolic concerns. Improved digestion is the first step in making sure your horse gets the nutrition it needs.
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics support the intestinal microbes which help your horse achieve more efficient absorption of nutrients.
  • To support immune system strength, we include organic trace mineral complexes.
  • For muscle development and maintenance, our feeds contain guaranteed levels of amino acids.
  • In addition, we make sure every bag of Nutrena® feed delivers consistent nutrients.

It’s how we give your animal a lifetime of improved performance and nutrition from every feeding. It’s the SmartGrain Formulation difference. And it’s only from Nutrena.

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