History of the Nutrena Brand


  • 1921 — Miller-McConnell Grain Company established in Kansas City, KS.
  • 1922 — Nutrena is granted a patent by the US Patent Office.
  • 1925 — Nutrena introduces the first colored bag into the feed industry.
  • 1926 — Nutrena is the first feed company to introduce cod liver oil, rich in vitamins A&D, in its feed.
  • 1929 — Nutrena introduces the first pellet mill.
  • 1945 — Cargill buys Nutrena’s stock, doubling the size of Cargill’s feed business.
  • 1949 — Nutrena introduces Animal Protein Factor (APF) and vitamin B12 to poultry and swine feeds.
  • 1950’s — Nutrena continues to expand, purchasing Royal Feed and Milling Company as well as the Giddings, TX plant from Fairmont Foods. 
  • 1957 — The research farm is established in Elk River, MN.
  • 1965 — Cargill purchases Pillsbury’s feed division. The Nutrena brand begins to appear as Cargill Nutrena.
  • 1969 — The Quaker Oats plant is purchased and rebuilt to Nutrena specifications. Additional acquisitions bring the number of mills to 31.
  • 1974 — Nutrena expands to Canada with the acquisition of National Grain facilities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
  • 1975-78 — Nutrena replaces three feed mills with the most modern plants in the industry.
  • 1980s — Nutrena expands to the East with the acquisition of Young’s Premix in Pennsylvania, and to the West with Stockton Hay and Grain in California.
  • 2000 — Nutrena establishes itself as a stand-alone brand focused on the ag-retail market segment. Takes on the identity and logo that we know today. 
  • 2001 — Cargill acquires Agribrands Intl., adding two complete research facilities as well as additional production facilities in 26 countries around the globe. Nutrena’s foundation of experts and technology expand accordingly.
  • 2001 — Nutrena begins a relationship with the American Quarter Horse Association – the world’s largest horse breed association.
  • 2002 — Introduction of new extrusion technology allows production of Nutrena’s Empower – a new high fat rice bran equine supplement—to the industry. 
  • 2004 — Nutrena launches XTN, a new generation equine formula specially designed to deliver higher levels of performance and to minimize the negative effects of stress from rigorous training and competition.
  • 2005 — Nutrena launches SafeChoice, a controlled starch formula, scientifically balanced for horses in all life stages—and carefully designed for simplified feeding, added safety and superior nutrition.
  • 2006 — Cargill Animal Nutrition Innovation Center increases research efforts in equine, pet food and aquaculture
  • 2007 — Nutrena launches Vitality, scientifically designed with Smart Grain Technology —a revolutionary breakthrough in grain-based nutrition that delivers superior performance and a welcome margin of safety.
  • 2007 — Nutrena introduces Loyall - A new line of premium dog and cat food, available exclusively at ag-retail outlets.
  • 2009 — Nutrena brand products become more widely available to consumers through placement at Tractor Supply Company stores nationwide.
  • 2010 — Nutrena expands its horse feed supplement offering with the addition of Empower Balance, a grass ration balancer formula, to the Empower line.
  • 2011 — Nutrena introduces the NatureWise natural poultry feeds and Country Feeds poultry feed lines to consumers.
  • 2011 — Nutrena launches online product ratings & reviews to enhance consumer's ability to share their opinion on products with others.
  • 2012 — Nutrena develops a re-usable, durable plastic egg carton made from recycled materials to offer to poultry owners.
  • 2012 — Nutrena introduces two new products to the SafeChoice horse feed line - Special Care and Perform - in addition to the popular Original formula.
  • 2013 — Nutrena introduces three new products in the SafeChoice horse feed line - Senior, Maintenance, and Mare & Foal.
  • 2014 — Nutrena joins forces with the Progressive Nutrition horse feed brand to provide consumers with more access to products.
  • 2014 — Nutrena launches a new premium line of performance horse feeds - the ProForce line, including Fuel, XTN, Senior, and Fiber.
  • 2015 — Nutrena adds the recently purchased Pennfield brand of super-premium horse feeds to it's Nutrena lineup.
  • 2015 — Nutrena expands the availability of Nature Smart, a line of USDA Certified Organic poultry feeds.
  • 2016 — Nutrena adds the Loyall Life line of no corn, no soy, no wheat pet foods to its line up, to meet the needs of pet owners.
  • 2016 — Nutrena introduces Topline Balance, a new approach to topline health. Topline Balance is a unique combination of bio-available amino acids, built right in to existing Nutrena horse feeds.  

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