Get a difference you can see and count.


Get a difference you can see and count.

As we always like to say: healthy, happy chickens lay more eggs.
So pick up some NatureWise® poultry feeds today.


Try our newly improved formula to:


Maximize egg production

You'll love what you see during your daily coop check.

Gain superior egg shell strength

Reducing cracked shells increases the happy.

Get noticeably vibrant egg yolks

You'll want to say, "that's one good lookin' egg."

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Are you already feeding your flock NatureWise® products?



More reasons to love NatureWise poultry feeds.


essential oils

Essential oils

from oregano and other herbs support your healthy flock, egg weight, and size

Prebiotic chicken yeast culture

Prebiotics, probiotics, and yeast culture

support optimum digestion and nutrient absorption

Vitamin D3 hardshell egg

Enriched with vitamin D3

to promote calcium absorption, strong eggshells, and optimum vitamin D3 levels in eggs

Bone health

Packed with natural* plant extracts

to support healthy bird growth and bone formation

Marigold meal

With tagetes Aztec marigold meal

to support golden egg yolks

Healthy eggs

Our specific blend of ingredients supports your Eggpearance,™

providing healthy eggs inside and out

No odor

Yucca schidigera extract

aids in the control of manure odor

*As defined by AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials)

Always with FlockShield™, healthy flock support

With 3 newly improved products to try, there’s something for every hungry hen.

NatureWise Layer 16

Layer 16% Protein Pellet

Pelleted form reduces waste
16% Protein, 3.7% calcium, 2,500 IU/LB Vitamin D3

NatureWise Layer 16 Crumble

Layer 16% Protein Crumble

Crumble form encourages consumption
16% Protein, 3.7% calcium, 2,500 IU/LB Vitamin D3

NatureWise Hearty Hen

Hearty Hen 18% Soy-Free Protein Pellet

100% soy-free option
Omega-3 from flax seed for healthy hens and eggs
18% protein, 3.7% calcium, 2500 IU/lb Vitamin D3

Some Happy Hens


Great layer feed!!!

This is THE BEST feed I have found for my chicken butts! My local feed mill sells it at a price that can’t be beat and my chickens are healthy, happy and lay quality abundant eggs!

Excellent quality!

My egg production increased after switching to this feed.

Great Egg Production

Had been using a store brand layer pellet and received a coupon for this so tried it and have been using ever since. The egg production was so much better and eggs were larger and stronger shells.

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