The Nutri-Bloom Advantage Helping horses look and feel better


Featured exclusively in ProForce Feeds and SafeChoice Senior, you can expect to see increased bloom with more muscle tone, better body condition and topline, and improved overall health.

The Nutri-Bloom Advantage works by making it easier for horses to digest and absorb nutrients. This results in more energy from existing hay and pasture intake, and up to 15% better digestibility of neutral detergent fiber (NDF).

The Research

The effectiveness of Nutri-Bloom Advantage's unique combination of ingredients is verified by third party research. Download the full research report here.


Test Parameters: Dr. Josie Coverdale of Texas A&M University, in collaboration with Dr. Emily Lamprecht, an Innovation Development Manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition, conducted a study with the specific purpose of testing the efficacy of a feed additive in mature horses.

  • Twenty-seven geldings were assigned to three treatment groups, 9 horses per trt group, in a randomized block design.
  • Horses were fed whole oats, pelleted feed, or pelleted feed with a proprietary additive blend containing prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Measurements included body weight, body condition score (BCS1; Henneke et al., 1983), % body fat2 (Westervelt et al., 1976), total feed intake, and total fecal output.
  • Hay, concentrate and fecal samples were analyzed for dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), crude protein (CP), acid detergent fiber (ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), gross energy, and apparent digestibility of the total diet was determined.3 (Coverdale et al., 2013)


Treatments elicited differences in apparent digestibility of ADF and NDF dietary components. The data suggest:

  • Horses fed pellets with the additive blend demonstrated greater (P = 0.13) apparent digestibility of NDF and ADF compared to horses fed pellets without the additives.
  • Using pelleted ingredients vs. whole grains improves digestibility of dietary NDF and ADF components (P ≤ 0.05)
  • There is a numerical change towards improved DM digestibility with fortification compared to unfortified diets.


Overall data supports that horses given the specific additive blend containing prebiotics and probiotics in pelleted concentrate digested dietary fiber, including that in the forage – comprising the bulk of most common equine rations – more efficiently than those eating an unfortified pelleted concentrate plus hay or whole oats plus hay. This improved efficiency meant that they extracted more nutrition from the same relative fiber intake. This is part of the science behind Nutrena’s exclusive Nutri-Bloom Advantage™ that has been shown to support increases in dietary fiber digestion up to 15% for better health and bloom.

Download the full tech report here


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