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Unfortunately, the Plaid Perks™ loyalty program for Nutrena® is no longer active.

If you had an available points balance as of September 11, 2023, you may still redeem your points for a Nutrena coupon, at the conversion rate of $1 for 250 points. To redeem your points, please contact Consumer Support at the link below on or before March 5, 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Nutrena brand team made the decision to eliminate our Nutrena Plaid Perks program, effective September 11, 2023. We look forward to serving our loyal consumers and feed their animals for years to come with a focus on unique and brand-wide promotions throughout the year.

No, at this time there is no plan to start a new loyalty program.

Account Details

You may contact Consumer Support here and our agents can confirm how many points you had remaining at the time the program ended.

Please provide your name, Plaid Perks member email address, and mailing address with your inquiry.

All remaining Plaid Perks points, regardless of your last receipt submission date, will expire 18 months after the program end date.  Members with a points balance have until March 5, 2025, to redeem their remaining points for a Nutrena Feed coupon.

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer or sell points or rewards to other members of the program.

No, Plaid Perks has ended, and new member registration is no longer available, as of August 7, 2023.

No. The Account pages within Plaid Perks are no longer available.  If you have questions about your points balance, you may submit an inquiry here and we can share that information with you.


Receipt submissions or points balances cannot be adjusted after September 8, 2023. If there was a discrepancy you need to report, please contact Consumer Support here and share with us detailed information related to the issue.

As of August, 21, 2023, we are no longer accepting receipts or awarding points for any Nutrena purchases.

Redeeming Points

No, merchandise rewards are no longer available through the Plaid Perks program; remaining points balances can be redeemed for Nutrena Feed Coupons only. 

To shop the Nutrena store where many of the same items that were offered on Plaid Perks are for sale, please click here.

After September 11, 2023, members with remaining points balances will be able to redeem their points for a Nutrena feed coupon at a conversion rate of $1 for 250 points by submitting an inquiry to Consumer Support here on or before March 5, 2025.

Coupon Questions

Coupons may take up to 15 business days to arrive. If you have not received your coupon after 15 days, please contact Consumer Support here.

If your feed store will not accept your Nutrena feed coupon, please contact Consumer Support here.  Please share with us the name of the store and the city and state in which the store is located.  We will contact the store to help get the issue resolved.

We are so grateful for your continued loyalty to Nutrena.
We hope to continue to feed your animals for years to come.

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