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Hard work is hard

Your horse puts in a lot of effort when training, competing, or even just traveling. Especially when it's multiple days in a row. This can cause cumulative stress and keep your horse from performing at its best.

Recovery is no joke

After exercise, your horse's body needs fuel to recover and repair its muscles. Specifically, your horse needs to restore the glucose levels in tired cells and repair muscles with amino acids.

Get what you need

Get what you need
Our Rebound Technology supports the specific recovery needs of your horse with a proprietary blend of research-backed, FDA-approved chromium & branch chain amino acids (BCAAs).
Glucose is the fuel for every cell
Insulin stimulates glucose uptake
Chromium improves insulin sensitivity

Chromium supports optimal glucose uptake into cells, which helps with energy recovery after strenuous exercise.

Special amino acids help decrease muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery by giving muscles exactly what they need.


Get back out there

When given proper support, horses enjoy better performance, even with multiple days of strenuous activity. So choose ProForce® today for Rebound Technology and unleash the athlete inside your horse.

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