Research Partners


Nutrena partners with leading research universities to conduct basic nutritional research and in-depth horse feed trials.  Because many of these institutions maintain their own herds of varying focus areas, we are able carefully study nutritional requirements of the same types of horses our customers ride and feed every day.

Leatherdale Equine Center, University of Minnesota

  • Partnership:  Nutrena and the University of Minnesota have partnered in the development of the Leatherdale Equine Center, with a community space attached to it that will be recognized as the Nutrena Conference Center.
  • Customer Value:  The Equine Center is designed to provide the most advanced diagnostic capabilities and research focused on the causes of performance problems in equine athletes.

Michigan State University

  • Study Area: Effects of different nutrients and ingredient combinations on glycemic response in horses.
  • Customer Value: Added safety and optimal calorie utilization for superior equine performance.

Texas A&M University

  • Study Area: Determining optimal amino acid requirements in young, growing horses.
  • Customer Value: Ideal amino acid levels for muscle development, joint health and bone formation.

University of Maryland

  • Study Area: Effects of starch levels and direct fed microbials on gut health.
  • Customer Value: Superior gut health with minimized risk of nutritionally related problems (metabolic disorders).

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

  • Study Area: Glycogen repletion in high performing horses.
  • Customer Value: Develop solutions for high active horses to improve performance. 

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