Shield your horse from the inside out. SafeChoice. Now with Digestive Shield™.


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Our feed still contains quality ingredients, organic trace minerals, Topline Balance®, controlled starch and sugar levels, guaranteed amino acids, quality fat sources and probiotics. But we've made it even better with Digestive Shield™ and Nutri-Bloom Advantage®.*


Supports your horse's gut and immune health with our precise blend of controlled starch, pre + pro + postbiotics, and calcite.


Increases fiber digestion to support more muscle tone, better body condition, and improved overall health.


Controlled starch and sugar formulas with Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) as low as 10%.


New flavor profile that every horse in the barn will love, even the pickiest palates.

Whole Horse Nutrition

Nutrena® Feed's enhanced SafeChoice® line up brings you a one-stop solution with controlled starch, Topline Balance®, Nutri-Bloom Advantage® and newly added Digestive Shield™ for whole horse nutrition in one bag.


*Digestive Shield and Nutri-Bloom Advantage® are not available in SafeChoice® Maintenance

For every horse, there's always a SafeChoice.

New Look. Same trust.

SafeChoice feeds now have a fresh bag design to go with their added benefits. We've also streamlined our lineup to make sure we're bringing only the best to you and your horses. Best of all, current customers can switch to our updated formulas seamlessly.



It's hard to find a feed that meets the needs of all ages and activity levels in your barn, so we created a formula that is nutritionally balanced for a range of horses. SafeChoice All Life Stages keeps the same calorie level as Perform and same benefits as Original, and then adds value to both with improved palatability, lower % NSC, Nutri-Bloom Advantage, and Digestive Shield. Whether you have an intensive training program, compete with top athletes, rescue and rehabilitate horses, have a lesson barn or hit the trails, SafeChoice All Life Stages fits your feeding program.

If you were previously feeding SafeChoice, you can transition seamlessly to the updated SafeChoice. If you have any picky eaters, you might mix the old and new for a day or two.

Yes. SafeChoice is the only feed with Digestive Shield - our proprietary blend of controlled starch, pre + pro + postbiotics and calcite that supports your horse's gut health and immune system - only from Nutrena. All SafeChoice feeds (except Maintenance) now have Digestive Shield to give your horses an extra layer of protection that they can’t get anywhere else.

By adjusting the recommended feeding rates down to a maintenance level, you can reduce the total daily calorie and nutrient intake for non-working horses. If that is still too many calories, please consider our Empower Topline Balance diet balancer to provide the essential protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals with even less calories.  

We have discontinued the textured versions of SafeChoice Mare & Foal and Perform. SafeChoice Mare & Foal or SafeChoice All Life Stages are great alternatives for these products. If you prefer a textured performance feed, please consider ProForce Fuel or ProForce Fuel XF.

Horses LOVE our new formula. And by love, we mean bucket-licking good.

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