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Chicken Chat Seminars

Whether you’re new to poultry or have been raising birds for years, a Chicken Chat Seminar has something for everyone.

You can learn about a variety of poultry topics in a fun and engaging way as our knowledgeable Nutrena experts share tips, information, and trends with you. These fun and informative seminars are held in partnership with our retailers and most often take place right on the sales floor, which provides a truly interactive and hands-on experience!

Local Nutrena Feed Dealers will be serving refreshments, holding door prize drawings, and will offer savings on Nutrena poultry feeds and other poultry accessories. Everyone is welcome, so bring the kids, bring a friend, or bring your neighbor and join us at a Chicken Chat event near you!

Chicken Chat Topics

If you are attending a Chicken Chat event, you can can bet that you will receive a wealth of knowledge on various topics. Just a few of the topics that may be presented are:

  • Getting Started with Chickens - Basic care from bringing chicks home to getting your first egg!
  • First Aid for Chickens  - Common ailments and treatments; flock maintenance
  • Summer Care – Managing heat, getting ready for egg laying, providing water and more!
  • Winter Care – Managing molt, frostbite, coop weatherization, and general cold weather care
  • Show Chickens – How to get started in the show world, show bird nutrition, resources and more!
  • Molting 101 - What is molt? How will it affect your flock? Resources and tips on molting and how to help your flock get through this process faster.
  • Leaving the Brooder and Joining the Flock - When is it time? How do you know and how do you mix new birds with your existing flock?

...and many others! Consult your chat venue for a specific list of topics that will be covered at your particular event.

Find a Chicken Chat near you! 

Check back often as events are added. Poultry enthusiasts, or anyone who would like to learn more about how easy it is to raise chickens in their backyard will want to attend a free Chicken Chat seminar put on by a Nutrena nutritionist at their local Nutrena feed retailer.

The seminars will have information for both new and advanced poultry hobbyists, as well as be appropriate for all age levels. The presentation will also include plenty of time for questions from the audience and encourage lots of participation and interaction. All are welcome to attend.  

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